Kaitlyn & Thomas || Engaged

Yeahhhhhhhh, I have not blogged in roughly nine months. Nine. Months. What is wrong with me?! With that being said, I'm going to ease myself back in here and just start by sharing a few of my personal faves from this lovely couples engagement session.

These guys and their pups are hooked at the hip, so naturally they were just as important during this shoot as them. I'd say they rocked it. I may have attempted to steal one at the end of the shoot. I also may have failed.

Coughlin Family || Charleston, SC

If you follow me on Instagram, I know you remember this family. Ya know, the one I gushed about and basically have a mega crush on? Not only because of their dashingly good looks (am I right?), but their hilarious, fun-spirited personalities is a kind of a major plus, too.

I'm so glad these amazing souls chose me to photograph their first trip to Charleston, including Lynzy's love affair with spanish moss. ;)

Annnnd if you're a mama, you need to check out her blog. It's friggin' amazing. Not to mention, you get to see these sweet faces ALL the time. WIN.

Jennifer & Parker || Fort Collins, CO

The time has come. That's right, time to share some of my favorite images from this epic engagement shoot.

Becauseeeeeee I love them.

Traveling to Denver has always been a dream of mine. Traveling to Denver to shoot THESE two faces? Beyond my wildest dreams. SO, without further ado, meet Jennifer and Parker. Two of the most beautiful people, inside and out, that you could ever have the privilege of meeting. This was the kind of shoot that made you leave with your heart full-- they made each other laugh to tears, while (obviously) providing some of the best on camera cuddling I've witnessed to date. Nailed it, guys.

Is it July yet?


Megan & John || Folly Beach, SC

Hooooookay: these guys. Where do I even start?

Anyone who has ever shot with me knows I am a sucker for cuddling. I basically want my couples to make-out the entire time they are in front of my camera (you're welcome, gentleman). Enter Megan & John. Not only are they two of the most genuine souls you could ever meet, but their connection is perfection. They kind of nailed that cuddling thing I speak of. They laugh (a lot), they joke, they tease, they cling to one another, they soak each other in, they harass each other and say inappropriate things-- they are love.

Getting to know these two hilariously wonderful people over the past few weeks has been a privilege-- and damn fun if I might add. Thanks for the laughs, you two. Let's do it again soon. ;)

Lupe & Ryan || Isle of Palms, SC

So, this one was pretty cool. Lupe's fiancee, Ryan, wanted to surprise her with a wedding. A WEDDING. That's a heck of surprise. They have been together for nearly a decade and already have a beautiful son together (who's crazy contagious smile you'll see below!) Well, long story short, she found out about his plans. Guys, you should know, us girls find out everything! ;) About 4 days before the planned date, she reached out to me. And by some crazy chance, I was available.

Those who know me know that I absolutely adore elopements. The intimacy is like no other. Kind of gives me 'all the feels' if you will. I don't know how it worked out to be there for their day, but it did, and I'm so glad it did.

Congrats to Lupe, Ryan and their beautiful family.

Megan & Rory || Upstairs at Midtown

You know those people you meet in life and almost instantly fall in love with? With their genuine kindness and sweet souls? Megan and Rory ARE those people.

From this sweet girl's first inquiry to me, I knew I was going to love her. Meeting her for the first time felt like meeting an old friend. And as for Rory, what a guy. What else can I say? These two are so perfectly matched for one another that I have no doubt of the amazing journey they are going to have.

Megan & Rory, here's to you two!

And now for a few of my favorite images from my time with these two ridiculously cute human beings.

Charleston Fashion Week || like the yogurt


I just realized this unpublished blog post from MARCH 21ST has been sitting here, basically DONE, this entire time. So lets post it, shall we?! Does this prove how off point I am on blogging? Thumbs up to me.

But in all seriousness, Charleston Fashion Week was insane. Insanely good, that is. Had so much fun with this beautiful babe. Go check Dannon out. NOW. You shan't regret it. 

Isabelle Charlotte II Lifestyle Newborn Session

When two of your friends create an amazingly perfect little girl, it's kind of a big deal.

Meet Isabelle Charlotte. Guys, prepare yourselves. This cutie + this insanely good nursery is going to make your heart skip a beat. They did good-- to say the least.

Congratulations, Laura & Andrew! I cannot wait to watch this little girl grow.

Yesterdays Spaces Wedding in Asheville NC || Kenny & Jeannie

Kenny & Jeannie's Yesterdays Spaces wedding in Asheville NC was an absolute dream for this mountain lover! I am so incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to shoot alongside the mind blowing (no joke, your mind will be blown) Emily Chidester, I am inspired. So let's roll with it, ok?! 

This wedding was a dream.  I had never met Kenny or Jeannie before this day, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But you know those couples that make you want to cry because they are SO utterly perfect? Yeah, cue Kenny & Jeannie. I don't know how many times throughout the night I looked at Emily and said, "I can't even...". Their love for one another was astounding and so apparent. And the reception? I've never been to a better party in my life. These guys know how to rock. 

Alright, I don't want to hurt myself with all of this blogging. Gotta take it slow, you know? Here are some of my favorite images from Kenny & Jeannie's perfect day. Many thanks to my girl, Emily, for having me by her side. 

Angelo II Isle of Palms Mini Session

Sweet, sweet Angelo. I've had the privilege of photographing this little stud since he was a newborn. AND NOW LOOK AT HIM. Turning into a little boy.

I love when families include me on their journeys-- and this is one of those families. Love my time with them every darn time